Aypril Porter, NTP, RWP

Hi, I’m Aypril, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner™, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition™. I love helping people, being in nature exploring with my family, and drinking chai. Seriously though, my chai ♥ is real. 

We all have a story.  A way we have gotten to the point where we currently are. My awakening to how food affects our bodies came when my youngest daughter was a newborn and developed food sensitivities. I felt helpless. From there I had my own health crisis where I found myself in the middle of panic attacks and so fatigued I wasn’t sure how I’d ever manage to raise my kids who were then two and four years old. Through appropriate nutrition, supplementation as well as lifestyle modifications (that were appropriate for me), I have greatly improved and haven’t had a panic attack in years. 

During that time I experienced cognitive issues of my own. I would have common words that would go missing mid-sentence, song names and music artists that I just couldn’t remember, and I was relying heavily on my calendar to remember where I needed to be and when. As I worked to support my body, which was in extreme adrenal fatigue from too much stress and imbalances in my body, I saw the speed of my brain increase again, and words return. I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now had I not made the changes I did. 

My practice is focused on helping women take charge of their health through nutrition and lifestyle modifications so that they can live long, healthy and fulfilling lives.  To read more about me click here

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To contact Aypril, please email: info@livingmattersnutrition.com or call: (360) 339-8905