Front Desk Info & Hours

Phone: 360-570-0332  Fax: 360-754-5592

Please call our Front Desk at 360-570-0332, to reach our receptionist for directions, info or to schedule for Dr. Jennifer Martin, Dr. Jennifer Ash, or Dr. Marcy Sullivan. *Please contact all other practitioners directly for scheduling.     

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS:  Please call your pharmacy directly to request a refill, and allow 2 business days for a response from your doctor. 

Fall/Winter Front Desk Hours

Monday - 8:45-1:45
Tuesday - 8:45-1:45
Wednesday -12-5
Thursday - Closed
Friday - 8:45-1:45
Saturday/Sunday - Closed

Updated October 17, 2018

Healthy Air
The practitioners in the Vibrant Health building are dedicated to providing a healthy environment for all our clients. 

We ask that you contribute to that environment by refraining, whenever possible, from wearing chemically perfumed products, such as perfumes, haircare and fabric softeners/sprays. 

Although we strive for a fragrance free environment, some practitioners may use essential oils and other products within their individual office spaces, and we at Vibrant Health cannot assure a completely scent or chemical free environment.