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Diane Sonntag, LMP, LcE

Diane Sonntag has served in massage therapy for 34 years combining multiple modalities in deep presence and love for her clients. She masterfully imbues her work with consciousness and subtle awareness, while gently guiding her client's home to themselves. 

Her massage therapies may include: reiki, cranial-sacral, neuromuscular massage, deep Swedish, range of motion, intra-oral, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, accupressure, sinus treatment, sports massage and neuromuscular re-education of which she is certified in all. 

She specializes in intra-oral, lymphatic drainage and combination massages while deeply attuning to "the One" on the massage table. 

Diane also offers Practice Presence Seminars and individual sessions to "cultivate consciousness embodiment," which are sometimes combined with Massage or may be experienced as separate sessions. One of the highlights of her years of mindfulness training's, was to study with a pioneer in the field, Jon Cabbot Zinn, at the University of Massachusetts in the early 1990's. She is honored to teach these "presencing practices" as Continuing Education training's for WA. state practitioners and for various special programs including St. Peter's Hospital physician retreats.

As a 17 year experienced Esthetician, Diane has formulated and developed a line of restorative facial serums for Irie Hemp and their sister companies, available at this link, https://iriecbd.com/collections/skin-serum, or on Amazon. If you type in the Discount code Diane20 on the Irie Hemp website, you will enjoy a 20% discount. She is also available for Hemp/CBD product education and consultations.

And finally, Diane offers divinely inspired harp music for ceremony, service events and prayer for the benefit of all Beings.

To schedule with Diane, please call (360) 264-5521

For more information go to her website www.presence.abmp.com