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Marcy Sullivan, DC


I feel so blessed that you are wanting to know more about me.  For starters, I have been a Chiropractor for 9 years.  Initially, my practice was just "old fashioned manual adjusting".  But in the past several years, I have started integrating multiple techniques into my practice.  I still do manual adjusting, but I also use some tool adjusting with the Activator and Arthrostem; hands-on with Myofascial Release and Craniosacral; and Mind-Body connecting with listening techniques.  My choice of technique depends upon what the body is giving me permission to utilize.  

Through the years, I have found that my true gift is my innate ability to communicate with bodies.  Within each appointment, I also utilize my gift of communication to help translated what the body has been trying to communicate to the patient.  Our relationship with our body is just as vital as the other relationships we have.  We just don't usually understand our body as well, because it speaks a different 'language.'  So educating patients on what their body is trying saying has become pivotal in my practice.  This is not a way of diagnosing disease, but rather a way of helping people become more connected with their amazing body.  A way for the brain to understand, and start comprehending the processes the body is going through.    

Thank you for your time and interest,  

Dr. Marcy

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