Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, Creativity Coach

I am excited to bring Creativity Coaching to Vibrant Health in Olympia. I offer a nurturing exploration of the expression of your essential presence through meditation, image, color, arts, movement, and sound. Each session is a sacred and playful, intuitive journey involving one-on-one creative guidance. 

What to expect:  Our session begins by talking about our intentions, entering into a guided meditation, and moving into a creative process. I support your inquiry to experience your inner signals. I open to the flow of creativity with you from a place of deep intuition, allowing each session to be a very personal experience. Your creative expression can range from a gentle approach to the muse, dipping in to test the waters, or a deep dive. Activities may include drawing, painting, vocalizations, writing, listening to music, and movement. Some sessions can be a simple, quiet meditative exploration in what comes up for you as you approach your creativity. 

Sessions normally run 90 minutes to 2 hours. I offer a sliding scale to allow everyone access to these explorations.

I bring a lifetime of experience in the arts and meditation practices. As an artist, writer, and performer, I began a deep healing in my teens, inspired by spiritual crisis and surrender. I completed a three-year Terrain of Essence school in Olympia with Kim Lincoln. I continue to study with her, with Byron Katie, and other gifted teachers focused on inquiry, authenticity, wholeness, and loving kindness.

To schedule with Jennifer, please email her at or call: (360) 915-3849 

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